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Why “our favourite recipes”

I was making breakfast for our son Daniel one Saturday morning in November 2020. He was getting ready to go to work and I was…

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Shashleek – Ukrainian BBQ (shishkabob)

Recipe below Download pdf version of the recipe here John’s shashleek recipe This isn’t original with John – it is a variation of what he…

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#175 News & Notes (Oct 2020)

Two phrases that we heard ….. a few months ago that have been going around in our heads “Everything is a start-up.  The game has…

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A quick explanation of our ministry role in Canada

Here is an overview of what we do as we serve here in Canada.  John’s primary role is as a missions facilitator and mobilizer here…

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Amazing Grace Chase

Amazing Grace Chase Virtual Scavenger Hunt You have probably heard of “The Amazing Race”.  Well, here is an interesting opportunity We are holding occasional virtual…

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2017 12 Global Glimpses

С Рождеством Христовым! (S rahjestvom Hreestoveem – Merry Christmas in Russian) Merry Christmas! In the midst of everything that is taking place around the world and in…

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# 156 March 2017 News & Notes

While I was in Thailand last fall, God again impressed upon me the need for people to “go and tell”. We also do need to “stay…

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# 153 News Update

Only 10 days until Lord willing, our ministry team will be climbing on the plane and going east.  We want to praise the Lord for He…

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