#175 News & Notes (Oct 2020)

Two phrases that we heard ….. a few months ago that have been going around in our heads “Everything is a start-up.  The game has changed, and reality is what it is” “The Great Commission hasn’t changed due to a global pandemic” Basically – the principle – the “why” – is still the same.But the […]

Amazing Grace Chase

Amazing Grace Chase Virtual Scavenger Hunt You have probably heard of “The Amazing Race”.  Well, here is an interesting opportunity We are holding occasional virtual scavenger hunts – to help people expand their world and understanding, and to have some fun.  If you would like to participate, fill out this form The way you play […]

2017 12 Global Glimpses

С Рождеством Христовым! (S rahjestvom Hreestoveem – Merry Christmas in Russian) Merry Christmas! In the midst of everything that is taking place around the world and in our personal lives, take some time to ponder the truth that we celebrate during this season…“All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet:  “The virgin […]

# 156 March 2017 News & Notes

While I was in Thailand last fall, God again impressed upon me the need for people to “go and tell”. We also do need to “stay and tell”, that being wherever God has placed us at the present time.  But the world also needs people who are going to “go and tell”.  This is why I […]

# 153 News Update

Only 10 days until Lord willing, our ministry team will be climbing on the plane and going east.  We want to praise the Lord for He has provided all the finances for the team.  We (John & Daniel) are especially thankful for how God’s people were so generous in making it possible for this to happen. […]

#152 News & Notes June 2016

Only 19 days till….. John & Daniel, along with Anneke, Emily, Logan & Wayne will be getting on the plane to fly to Ukraine.  Early in the morning of June 30 we depart, arriving in Ukraine July 1. Praise the Lord for how He has worked out so many details in such a short time.  The […]

June 30-July 20:  Ukraine

July 25-28: SEND International Family conference in Michigan

Aug 7: Seven Persons EFC a.m. service (Seven Persons, AB)

Event: 2016 Summer Ministry schedule