2015 01 Missions Moments

In Eastern Europe many countries celebrate many “prazniks” (holidays) according to the Orthodox calendar.  One of these is Christmas is on Jan 7.  Below are a few stories from Ukraine, both from our SEND missionaries there and a post from a member of Sumy Grace Church.   On the evening of Jan 4, 2015, Judy […]

2015 01 Sumy Grace Winter Camp

Winter Camp “In the Twilight of Empires” January 10th, 2015  by Tatiana Prihodko (member of Sumy Grace Church, Sumy, Ukraine) During the New Years winter vacation period for a number of years “Sumy Grace Church” has held a teen winter camp at Grace Camp. The beginning of 2015 was no exception, as from January 5 […]

#145 News & Notes

“Don’t take the escalator. See the line – you will never make it to your flight. Go around the corner and down the hall, there is an elevator, take it up and get through security, and then get to your gate.” Welcome to London Heathrow and a delayed arrival because of fog and therefore a […]

# 144 News & Notes (2014 11)

“How has the war in Ukraine affected you and your family?” This was a question posed to me by a teen at a Q&A session this past month at a weekend missions conference I was part of. A powerful question that stopped me – and as I sat there attempting to put my thoughts into […]

2014 10 Thanksgiving note

Happy belated Thanksgiving Everyone! Usually, we tend to forget the day as we are in Ukraine and not many Canadians around…. This was a special one for us as, being back in Canada we were able to drive up north to Edmonton for the day and spend the afternoon with siblings and extended family. In […]