# 142 News & Notes (2014 08)

“We have to leave now or we won’t make the train.” That was Aug 6. Our stuff for Canada was already sitting in another location ready for our departure on Aug 24. Our stuff for storage was sitting in piles in different rooms awaiting the crew that was to move it to Sumy that coming […]

2014 07 23 Changes are happening….

Hi Everyone, It has been a bit of a roller coaster week. The past week at camp was very busy with the usual stuff, along with helping the leadership there in the process of ministering to refugees from the fighting raging down in the southeast. We wrapped everything up on Monday and came back to […]

# 141 News & Notes (2014 07)

  “Where are you from – if it isn’t a secret…” “Are you from the Baltics? I can tell from your accent…..” Ah, the joys of living overseas.  In Ukraine we look like the nationals – being of a slavic type nationality ourselves – but at times when we open our mouths it is obvious […]

2014 07 Sumy Grace Camp Kids camp

“How to ruin a sermon….” I was speaking at an evening chapel here at the kids week at Grace Camp. My theme was creation, and so I came up with this great idea that would help be a bridge and have some audience participation. I got four kids up there, ranging in ages from 8-11 […]

2014 06 Four little strays

Alicia: “Hi Dad. Now I know that you hate it when we do this, and you don’t like it when it happens… John: “What’s up? Are you ok?” Alicia: “Yes, I’m fine. I am out on my bike…” John: “Where are you at?” Alicia: “Down the road from the camp, about 2 km away.” John: […]

Without an awareness of Christ’s presence, we tend to live anxiously.

But a clear sense of identity and provision gives us hope and courage to face the struggles and temptations that come our way.

Timothy S. Lane, Paul David Tripp

How People Change (Timothy S. Lane, David Tripp, 2013), Kindle location 173 & 174

2014 05 Sumy Grace Summer Ministries update

2014 05 Sumy Grace Summer Ministries Update Hi Everyone, The summer ministries here have been a bit of a discussion piece for the past few months which is very understandable.  The situation facing the nation and other factors were making the summer look very questionable.  Despite this, for a few months the Sumy ministry team […]