# 128 November 2012 Paetkau News & Notes

# 128 November 2012 Paetkau News & Notes

November was the month of election fever both in the US and in Ukraine.  On our side of the water the obvious political games were played.  These included having new playgrounds appear in the neighbourhoods and a really well equipped (including artificial turf, stadium lights and bleachers) soccer field and practice areas.  I guess some good came out of a process that had a foregone conclusion.

1211 Sumy open market in our front yard_3With the cooler weather, the mobile market has moved into our area.  On the weekends we will have two or three cars pull into our area selling a variety of fresh goods.  The latest participant has a wagon from which they sell milk, vegetables and fresh pork.  It makes for an interesting view from our window (and for the other 3000-5000 people who can see it from their windows).

It has been a busy month with lots of “normal” stuff going on, nothing spectacular, but the usual day to day ministries and life.  Meetings – maybe we should call November the month for meetings.  Meetings to plan for the Jr High Winter Camp @ Grace Camp (Jan 8-12).  Meetings with our SEND Sumy teammates as we seek God’s direction for the next steps in ministry here in our region.  Meetings with church leaders as they are facing challenges and opportunities.  Meetings with our SEND Ukraine teammates – to enjoy American Thanksgiving together and then a day of discussions regarding ministry issues.

SRBC Rich Strahm teachingThe college met for another 2 day session, which is always an encouragement to those attending and those teaching.  This time around Rich Strahm, a missionary and professor at Kiev Theological Seminary came out to teach part two of his missions course.  18 students from around the region enjoyed the teaching and the fellowship.  The next session will be late in December with another SEND missionary teaching part one of a course on homiletics.

Birthdays seem to come and go with troubling regularity.  Leanne celebrated her birthday early in November and I celebrated mine early December……  We are beginning to feel our age, especially this past two months as our elevator has been closed for repairs.  Walking up and down 5 flights of stairs does have its benefits, which we have been reminding ourselves each time (especially on the way up while carrying groceries).

1211 leanne birthday family_06The kids had a few new experiences this month.  Lanae & Alicia travelled across the country by train and bus to join up with their fellow SEND MK’s for a weekend.   11 hrs each way with transfers etc made for a few good stories.  They did great navigating the various situations and had an excellent time.  Leanne, Alicia, Daniel & I went into Kiev for 2 nights/3 days for the US thanksgiving and meetings and Lanae held the fort in Sumy for us.  Our teammate also came in for the weekend, so Lanae decided to stick around Sumy and be the English speaker at the 2 English clubs that took place while we were gone.  She is also studying German on Saturdays and didn’t want to miss the lesson.  So with those activities and the cat to keep her company she made it through the 3 days.  That was stretching for us too.


1212 John birthday family_15

There are new photos posted on our site at www.thepaetkaus.net/photoalbum


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