# 156 March 2017 News & Notes

While I was in Thailand last fall, God again impressed upon me the need for people to “go and tell”. We also do need to “stay and tell”, that being wherever God has placed us at the present time.  But the world also needs people who are going to “go and tell”.  This is why I and others go to events like MissionsFest Vancouver and Missions Fest Alberta and to other events at schools etc that have a focus on reaching out with the Gospel across cultures and continents.  Ultimately, I see these events as opportunities to put into someones life, and to be part of what God is doing in and through them.

Vancouver was huge – over 20,000 people come through during the weekend and so we had a team including home service missionaries and Canadian & US SEND office staff serving for the weekend.
I was joined in Edmonton by Bill & Joan Ginther (from Lethbridge).  Bill & Joan been part of a short term team which  ministered to refugees in Macedonia last year with our SEND team there.  That ministry was very impactful, and they built relationships there that have continued on to this day.

While in Vancouver I also had the opportunity to expand my culinary experience.  Friends of Ed (my boss) took us out for Korean food – the first time I ever saw a restaurant table with a bbq as part of its decor.









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Author: John