#146 Spring 2015 Paetkau News & Notes

150222 ua wk tm kiev_06

– Last call for passengers to Kiev..

– Last call for passengers to Vancouver..

– Last call for passengers to Thunderbay.

– Where is the next gas station on this road?    

– How many fence posts can you put per mile?

– Will he survive the trip?   

– Sorry everyone, we are going to have to move again – but at least this time it will still be in the same town…..

A few of the phrases heard and uttered by our family in these past few months.  Read more below…..  

Ukraine in February- 150220 ua wk tm sumy_15

can be either very cold or comfortable, and there are no guarantees which it will be.  3 fellows and John spent two weeks in Sumy serving and ministering alongside members of Sumy Grace Church at Grace Camp on a work project and various other events.

Here is an interview with the fellows sharing their experiences.

Watch the video here            See photos here 


missions fest vancouver 3                missions fest vancouver 1

One of the roles that John has while we are here in Canada

is facilitating churches and individuals in what God is calling them to do in missions – be that across the world or across the street.  In that role he has been in the Vancouver area at various schools (Trinity Western University, Columbia Bible College) and at Missions Fest Vancouver.  He has also been out in Thunder Bay, ON, Regina, SK and Salmon Arm, BC. (at the Mi
llar Bible College campus)

Mission Fest Vancouver was quite the event – approximately 30,000 people attended.  Many stopped by our SEND booth to talk about the opportunities and the challenges of ministry both here in North America and around the world.

From these and other similar events there are many who need further contact, consultation and facilitation.  We are thankful that God is using us in the lives of others in this way.


chiliwack church 1-1             1501231 john lanae vancouver missions fest_1

Family Update

150330 moving painting_3We’ve moved – again, but we are still in Cochrane, thankfully.

The family is moving around – again.  Lanae completed her year at Millar Bible College out in Salmon Arm, and Alicia is graduating from gr 12.  Wow!  Lord willing, both girls are going to be serving at camps this summer – Lanae back at Brightwood up in Edmonton and Alicia for the month of July down at SABC in southern Alberta.  The fall – good question.  Lanae is still working on that, and Alicia has changed her plans and Lord willing now is heading to the school Lanae attended in Germany – Bodenseehof (a Torch Bearers/Capernwrey school).    We are very proud of both of them, and continue to see God working in them and through them during this time of transition.  Daniel is wrapping up gr 7, and looking forward to some time away from the books….

Another family member has made the trip from Ukraine.  When John returned in February he brought along an extra piece of baggage which contained our cat Calvin.  John felt a little ignored when when he came through the doors after customs in Calgary.  Having been gone for a few weeks it would have been nice to feel more “missed”.  Oh well.

150222 calvin in transition ua to canada_04    150222 calvin in transition ua to canada_05

Everyone was focused on the feline, and after having been separated for six months it was a happy reunion for all. Of course, he felt a bit jet-lagged but seemed to survive the trip just fine and most everyone here is very thankful that he is back with us all.

Did you know…

  • That the engineers who designed cars with digital fuel gauges assumed that people would need a few extra litres to save them from running out of gas?  I tested that theory between Revelstoke B.C. and Golden B.C.  80 kms with no civilization – just mountains and trees.  Definitely enhanced my prayer life.
  • fence posts The primary sign that there is life on the prairies is fence posts?  Think of the hundreds of hours an individual took putting in those thousands of posts and miles of wire along the Trans Canada in southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan – out in the wind with nothing but the gophers for company…. Driving by oneself over long empty distances causes one to begin to ponder these small, and largely useless tidbits of information.


Upcoming Travel Ministry Schedule

May 24: Burdett AB: Burdett Community Church morning service

June 3-10:  Brunswick, Maine: speaking at Berean Baptist Church Missions Conference (June 4-7)

June 17-18: Winnipeg, MB:  Pastors meetings

July 10-12: Lac la Biche, AB: speaking at Lac la Biche EFC Family Camp

Drop by our website @ www.thepaetkaus.net/events  for an up-to-date schedule


Support Update
Please go here for an update on our monthly support needs and for our work expense project update.

Thanks for standing with us.

John & Leanne

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