# 147 Summer Paetkau News & Notes

This is our first summer since 1997 which we have not either been in Ukraine or getting ready to go back to Ukraine.  So things are a bit different…..

Ministry in Maine…..

In June John was the main speaker at a missions conference in southern Maine. The pastor had served in Sumy years ago on a short term team, and invited us to come and be part of this weekend of ministry.  Leanne and Alicia used airmiles to come along.  Along with serving at the conference we were also able to visit a few of our retired SEND Ukraine teammates (Botterills & Kings). We enjoyed the tremendous hospitality of the folks there in Brunswick, Maine.

You know you are in Maine when you come into the garage and you here a clicking noise – its the live lobster that will be the late night snack at our host family.  Seafood by the seashore always tastes better.

Ministry in southern Alberta

We have been involved with a ministry to Filipinos through our church and small group.  Leanne especially has had the opportunity to build relationships with a number of ladies through this (Leanne spent 6 months in the Philippines in the mid 80’s and has always had heart for them).  As a church, a “thank you” to the Filipino community for their hard work and service here in Cochrane & area was held at the end of June.  A great night experiencing a taste of their culture and building relationships.  God is at work in the midst of these men and women who have left their homes and families and are living here.

Left:  Roasted pig for supper (a Filipino delicacy)
Right: Leanne and Marie mc’ing the event

Congratulations Alicia, on graduating from gr 12.

12 years of hard work has been worth it. Here are a few photos of our celebrations with her, extended family and friends

Update from Alicia

Hello Everyone,

 Since we have moved back to Canada I have been busy finishing grade twelve and preparing for my first year of college. I realized God was calling me to work at a camp this summer despite the fact that I have a summer job at Cochrane’s famous ice cream shop. Work there is steady and enjoyable, however I decided that sometime in between June and September I would like to work at a Christian camp.
 I applied to work at SABC (Southern Alberta Bible Camp) for the month of July. I have been accepted and will be part of the support staff – working in the kitchen cleaning, washing, prepping meals, and helping with any other activities that the camp leaders will ask me to do. Upon being accepted I also need to raise support for my month there. For four weeks an SABC staff member needs to raise $720 so that the camp can pay them $1,200 when they complete their term. I am grateful for SABC’s policy because it means that I can continue to save money for my upcoming first year of college.
 To my delight I have been accepted to Bodenseehof Torchbearer’s Academy in Germany. If you do not know this is the same school that Lanae went to in 2013. I am looking forward to this surprise turn of events. My ministry trip in February helped me to see that while Moody is a great school, it wasn’t where I should be this coming fall.  I was able to apply and was accepted at Bodenseehof.  While applying for SABC I was concerned that I could afford a month without any type of income. If I raise the amount needed I will be paid in full. This money will go to my savings and will be used for my first year of bible school.
It was encouraging to realize that I will not only be able to use my gifts to serve others at this camp, but that I will also be able to do so in one of my favorite settings: a camp setting. Financial support would be greatly appreciated as I cut, clean, cook, and concentrate on this upcoming event. Please pray for me as well as this is a new scenario and big adjustment for me. My home will always be Ukraine, however I hope to be an encouragement and support to fellow co-workers and campers just as much (if not more) at SABC.

God Bless,

 Alicia Paetkau

If you would like to take part financially, please click on this link http://www.sabc.ca/donate/staff-support/ and fill out the various boxes, and click on my name under the category “staff member”.  This needs to be done whether you are donating online or through the mail for gov’t requirements.

Ministry in Ukraine….


In the midst of all that is still taking place in Ukraine, the church there continues to reach out with the love of Christ in many different ways.  There are ministries to those who are displaced by the war, and also taking essenstials (food, water, clothing) into the areas that are in the midst of conflict.

The usual ministries are also taking place – and this being summer that means summer camps.  All over Ukraine camps are taking place, reaching children, youth and adults with the Gospel message.  Our SEND teammates are involved in a variety of places.  In the photos above, Sumy Grace Church held a week of vbs street camps in the neighbourhoods around the church in Sumy.

At present, resident camps are taking place out at Sumy Grace Camp.  Teen Camp, Kids Camp, English Camp,Camp for the Disabled and a number of conferences (womens, youth etc) will all be taking place this summer.

Upcoming Travel Ministry Schedule

July 10-12: Lac la Biche, AB – speaking at Lac la Biche EFC Family Camp
July 13 – 17: SABC (Southern Alberta Bible Camp) Speaking at the Junior High Camp
August 16: Bow Island, AB – Bow Island EFC a.m. service

Drop by our website @ www.thepaetkaus.net for an up-to-date schedule

Support Update

We are thankful, as God continues to supply our needs in the midst of our transition and our present ministry assignment.  Historically, missionaries who return to their passport country for whatever reason and still continue serving as missionaries have challenges with continued support.  This is a normal part of the cycle, and we are thankful for how we have not seen a significant change.  We have always been of the mindset that our partners are being led of God, and that there are seasons when He has you as part of our team, and seasons when He will have you join another for whatever reason.  We are thankful for all of our past, present, and future team members.

That being said, Canada is more expensive than Ukraine and therefore we do have some more to raise.   We also have ministry expenses that are also outstanding and need to be reimbursed (which are also funds that we need to raise). Would you pray and ask the Lord if He would have you partner with us in this ministry, either as monthly support team member or a one time gift towards our ministry expense project? Please contact us if you are interested in taking part.

If you have any questions etc, please feel free to contact us.

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