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There is the saying “silence is golden”.  Well, when you are in ministry, that isn’t always the case, especially when you are missionaries with a team that should be communicated with.  You might say, silence is a black hole – all mystery and no answers.  With that, I apologize for the black hole of communication from us to you. 

                                                                                                       John for the 5 of us

Fall Ministries

This fall John has already been in central BC, southern Alberta, northern Alberta & northern Saskatchewan visiting Bible Colleges, churches and individuals.  By the end of November, he will also have been in the lower mainland BC, southern Saskatchewan and various parts of Alberta.  Why is that?  This is a large part of his ministry while we are here in Canada, during this time of transition for the two girls.

John’s role

Part 1: A member of the SEND Canada ministry team as missions facilitator in western Canada.  This involves meeting with individuals, sharing in churches and at various Bible Colleges around western Canada.
Part 2: Facilitating the transition of our family – especially the two oldest kids.  The girls into their next phase of life, Daniel, Leanne and I in this phase which is in Canada and then (Lord willing) back overseas sometime in 2017.
Part 3: Various ministry projects that are part of the broader ministry of SEND International world-wide.

Go here for a more detailed overview

Travel Update
I apologize for not keeping you up to date with travel – as there are some of you who are in the areas that I have been to, that didn’t even know I was around (maybe that brings a thought of relief to you!) The reason I didn’t broadcast the news is because time was tight and I could only meet so many each trip. This amount of connecting and traveling is a bit of a transition for me, and frankly, I was attempting to stay slightly balanced.
So I kind of kept my head down and hoped to remain incognito.  I have begun getting the rhythm of the situation and will now keep you up-to-date.  Thus, if I am coming to your area and you have time for a coffee, please let me know.

Here is what I have planned for the next few weeks:
November 10-13:  Vancouver BC-/Lower Mainland area
November 17-19: Pambrum, Sk (at Millar College of the Bible)

Family Update – where are we???

Leanne, Daniel and I are in Cochrane, Alberta (near Calgary).  The girls, well, they aren’t here.  See below for the details.

Daniel is working hard at school (at home with Leanne, classes online & classes as part of our homeschool co-op), has a weekly paper route and is involved in the youth at our church here.

Leanne and I are attending a home bible study group from the church we attend, in which the majority of members are Filippino.  The multi-cultural flavour keeps it very interesting.  Through this God has opened a variety of doors for Leanne to minister, and we are thankful for that.  Along with that we are involved in various areas of local life and ministry.

The girls, well…….
This fall I (John) took two trips in order to facilitate Lanae & Alicia into their next phase.  One trip was to Salmon Arm, one to Germany

Salmon Arm: Lanae is now living in Salmon Arm, working there in the area and continuing to enjoy the relationships that began last year when she attended Millar Bible College there.  This is where her network of friends, church etc is and for the time being she is calling that area home.

Germany:  Alicia is attending the Bodenseehof Torchbearers (Capernwray ) School in Friedrichshafen, Germany till next spring.  Yes, the same school Lanae attended two years ago.   A tradition in our family is that when a child leaves for their next stage of education, Dad takes them on a few days trip on the way and helps them get to their destination.  With Lanae it was spending a few days wandering around southern Germany prior to her school year beginning.  Alicia – she said, “Dad we have been to Germany, can we see something else?”.  So we found a very reasonable flight thru Iceland and stopped there for a few days. Here are a few photos
btw – Icelandic Air will give you a “layover” of up to 7 days when you fly with them to Europe for no change in airfare.  So it makes it a great way to stop and see a beautiful country. 

Both trips were memorable and special times for us, especially for me as Dad.  God has blessed us with great kids, and we are thankful for Lanae and Alicia and God’s leading them in this next stage of their lives.

Support Update

We are very thankful for God’s provision through the members of many of you, our team members here in North America.  Overall, our financial support is very healthy.  We are a bit short of our monthly support (approximately $200/month).  This is due to a variety of factors, including the rate of the Cdn $ to the US $.    If you would want to participate in this area of need (as a regular supporter or a one time gift) please use this form and check the box “ongoing missionary support”.

Our ministry project account is needing help though.  This account is separate from the ministry expense that is John’s primary role here in Canada.  This account is for our ministry expense for travel, office space, meeting with supporters, communications, other ministry expenses etc that are focused on our personal ministry as SEND missionaries.  This project account is waiting for funds so that we can be reimbursed (a bit over $2600 is needed for that).  If you would want to participate in this area of need (as a regular supporter or a one time gift) please use this form and check off the box “Approved Project: Paetkau ministry project account” .

A few photos from life with the Paetkau’s.  More can be found here at www.thepaetkaus.net/photoalbum



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