#150 February 2016 News & Notes

“Now, how much do you think that is worth?  Back in Russia, in 1771 it was worth 5 kopek (cents).  But that is a img_2781_24579551172_opretty big coin for 5 cents.  Think about carrying a few of those in your pocket…”
I met these guys at MissionsFest Vancouver.  They are looking at a copper/brass coin that I bought for a few dollars off of a street vendor years ago in Ukraine.

160129 SEND booth TWU

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One of my primary roles is facilitating individuals and groups who are seeking to serve somewhere in a cross cultural context.

So what is on my plate at the moment?  
– a student who will be be going to Thailand in Sept, 2016 for a year to do a TESOL internship
– a couple who will serving in Taiwan for two weeks alongside a local church ministering to teens
– a church who will be sending a work team to Russia to serve on a construction project
– an individual who will be serving in Croatia at a camp for the summer
– connecting with the individuals who have connected with SEND here in western Canada either through events (such as MissionsFests) or via the internet
– traveling and speaking at various churches and schools


Meanwhile, back at the camp….


160104 sumy grace winter camp_663160104 sumy grace winter camp_215






Over Christmas Lanae flew to Germany, spent some time with Alicia at school, and then the two of them flew to Ukraine for the holidays.  They spent time both in Kiev with our SEND teammates and out in Sumy

For both it was a good time and a hard time – returning home the place where they grew up, but where they know they can’t be longterm during this stage of their lives.

Alicia went back to Germany for school and Lanae served at Sumy Grace Camp’s winter camp prior to returning mid January.

Meanwhile, back in Cochrane…

20160116_153435_23795356384_oWithout the girls around Daniel has had to learn a few new skills…… which helps since his growth spurt has kicked in.

One morning I realized that Daniel almost looks me in the eye.  A few months ago he was happy that he had finally gotten to be taller than the girls and Leanne.  Now……






A couple photos of the kids (below) in Salmon Arm and in Germany

20160206_151826_24743289102_o160228 Alicia germany






Leanne has continued to serve in a number of areas, primarily behind the scenes helping friends in the Filipino community here.  Having lived overseas helps when others are learning about a new culture and how to adapt.



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Upcoming Travel Ministry Schedule

Feb 28:  Cochrane Alliance Missions Sunday
March 6: Bow Island EFC
March 8-10: Millar Bible College (BC campus)
April 10: Bow Island Community Church (evening)

Drop by our website @ www.thepaetkaus.net  for an up-to-date schedule

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