#151 March 2016 News & Notes

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Around the world, the celebration of our Saviour’s resurrection is taking place.  Praise the Lord! As the old hymn writer said “because He lives, I can face tomorrow….”  We have hope because He lives

Christ has Risen!

John & Leanne

Meanwhile this past month…..

“This summer is different – I’m not sure what I will be doing…”
“What opportunities do you have in the far North?”
“What is happening with the team going to serve the refugees in Europe – can I still take part in that opportunity?”
“How do we prepare spiritually for our ministry opportunity in…..?”

These were a few of the questions that I had the opportunity to hear this past month.  Thankfully, I was able to give them an answer, or at least point them in the right direction….

Ministry Opportunity!!

160305 John DanielDaniel (who is now 6’3!) and John have the opportunity to serve at Sumy Grace Camp in Sumy, Ukraine this summer.  John is going to lead a team who will be bringing the English ministry portion to the teen camp in July.

They needed English speakers to come and join in the ministry there, and when we heard of this of this need we began to pray and seek how we could be part of it.

Please consider if you would be part of this ministry (see description below).  One option is joining the team and coming along.  Another is joining our financial team – Daniel and John need to raise the funds they need for the trip.



140711 GC camp teens_30Serve alongside Ukrainians in high impact camp ministry in Sumy, Ukraine.

June 30th – July 14th


Sumy Grace Camp (Sumy, Ukraine) and its extended ministries touch hundreds of children and families each year.

John & Daniel are going over in July to serve at the Teen Camp.  They need English speakers to come and take part in the program.  50% or more of the campers come from non-church homes and camp is where they experience the Gospel.

Ministry will include participation in and leading   various portions of the camp program (using English as the ministry language); communicating with campers as they practice their English; various work projects around the camp

Dates:  June 30 – July 14th
Cost:  Approx $ 2200 Cdn per individual

Please consider joining us in this ministry
Join the team:  we have a couple more spots for individuals to join (maximum team of 8 people).  Contact John for more details.

Join our financial team:  Daniel and I need to raise all of our funds for this ministry trip.  Use this donation form to partner with us.


Upcoming Travel Ministry Schedule

April 10th a.m.  Orion EFC, Orion AB morning service
April 10th  p.m.  Bow Island Community Bible Church

May: TBD
June: TBD
July: Ukraine (leading short term team to serve at Sumy Grace Camp)

Please contact me for more details or if you have an idea or an opportunity.  I would be glad to hear from you….

Drop by our website @ www.thepaetkaus.net
for an up-to-date schedule


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