# 153 News Update

Only 10 days until Lord willing, our ministry team will be climbing on the plane and going east.  We want to praise the Lord for He has provided all the finances for the team.  We (John & Daniel) are especially thankful for how God’s people were so generous in making it possible for this to happen.

Please pray for us as we make final preparations.  There is a lot going on between now and June 30th.


Family Update

An update from Alicia

Dear supporters of my family.

I want to thank you for your prayers and support throughout this new chapter in the life of the Paetkau’s.  I, on a separate page than my parents, have recently returned home from spending 6 months overseas as a student at Torchbearers International Bible School in Germany.

The time there was challenging, yet a very special time because I learned alot about Christ and His work through me as well as my identity – found in Him not my circumstances.

Living with 106 students from around the world brought its joys and challenges.  Moments of culture shock and moments where I realized we were a large family.  Due to this fact I have found it difficult to transition back into daily life here in Canada.  However, though life has slown down considerably, I am acutely aware that this is a time of growth in my spiritual walk with Christ.

Once again I am employed at MacKay’s Ice Cream (in Cochrane), and though I’ve applied to multiple places nothing else has come of my efforts.  Though I am discouraged I’ve also come to realize that I am only here in Cochrane for a season, and so I am looking forward to the future and where that might be.

As of now I have applied to Moody Bible Institute, to their campus located in Spokane, Washington.  I am hoping to major in Biblical Studies and recognizing my growing interest in intercultural ministries (another major/study area at the school).

Lord willing, everything will come together and I will begin the first semester this September.  I would be very grateful if you could keep me in your prayers as I go through this process.  I am seeking God’s leading in what to do next – and if this option of going to study does not work out then I need to make decisions for the fall.

Please pray for me:

– that God would give me clear direction in what steps to take next for the fall
– I do have some finances, but will not have all that is needed for the school year.  There are bursaries & the possibility of working on campus (as a student I can work for the school) which will help.  However, tuition and room and board are a significant amount that I cannot make in one summer.

– that my relationships will continue to grow in my work/social community

– in my continued transition into this culture as I live here

Thank you again for your love and encouragement

Upcoming Travel Ministry Schedule

June 30- July 20:  Ukraine
July 25 – 28: SEND International Family Conference (John) (Detroit, MI)
Aug 7: Seven Persons EFC morning service (Seven Persons, AB)

Author: John