How things have changed…..

The other day I was up the road from home at the mall (first item to ponder – yes, Sumy now has a western style shopping center). So I am standing in the supermarket (about the size of an average cdn safeway) with my cell phone to my ear getting the list of things to […]

Banya Season has begun

Oct 31, 2012             The dreaded day has arrived.   I drive to the church in trepidation, preparing myself mentally for the ordeal before me.  I meet the other fellows, and soon a caravan of vehicles leaves the city and goes out to the forest where the object of my torture […]

#127 October 2012 Paetkau News & Notes

127 October 2012 Paetkau News & Notes “Can you prepare shashleek for 50 people?  Would that be a problem?”  Challenge yes.  Problem, no.    A church ministry team was planning a meeting as part of the follow up with the invalid summer camp ministry.    This was going to take place out at Grace Camp, and a […]