2013 Summer Camp Partnership Opportunity

Partnering opportunities for 2013 Summer Ministries

@ Grace Camp in Sumy, Ukraine


Partner in Prayer:

01108 GC team invalid camp 01

2011 Sumy Grace Church Camp for the disabled

This summer a number of camps and conferences will be taking place.  Many of the campers are from non-church homes, and this is their only “touch” with the Gospel, and opportunity to spend time in this type of environment.  Camp is an effective ministry—as one mom told us after this past winter camp, her jr high boy “was an  angel.  Thank you for what they did there!”  God is working in the hearts and lives of young people here in eastern Ukraine.  Pray that God would use the ministries to draw people closer to Christ, wherever they are in their relationship with Him.

– pray for the preparation: program prep, leadership prep, site prep

– pray for the leaders: that God would prepare them and work through them to impact the lives of the campers

– pray for safety: that God would protect everyone and keep everyone safe

– pray for the campers: that their hearts would be open to God’s Word, and that their time at camp would bring them forward in the walk with Christ from whatever point they are at

Partner with finances:

Please pray about partnering with the following projects.  Funds receivedwill be allocated according to the number: Once project 1 is funded, then on to project 2, after that on to project 3.

2012 10 Shashleek (bbq) at Grace Camp (SGC disabled ministries)

We have 3 ministry opportunities at Grace Camp in which assistance is needed:

1. Disabled Kids Camp (1 week in July)

Children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities and their parents or caregivers come for a week of fresh air and activities planned for them by the Grace Church Disabled Ministries team.  This is an ongoing ministry throughout the year.  There are monthly events held at the church for these families, and then a week of summer camp.  These families do not have the

support  systems as in the west, so funds are very tight.  The camp heavily subsidizes this weekof ministry because it is so important and having such an impact.  Please pray about partnering with this ministry.

Project amount: $ 5,000

1212 SGC disabled ministries christmas service_47

2012 SGC disabled ministries Christmas service

2. Sponsoring kids from low income homes and orphanages (two 10 day camps, kids & Jr high)

Each year a number of campers come from low income homes or they may spend most of the year at an orphanage and part of the year atcamp or a relative.  These families cannot afford to send the kids, so the camp subsidizes their fees.

Project amount: $ 2,500

3. Washrooms at Grace Camp

126 1207 GC english camp_01

2012 07 GC English camp cabin bible study

Slowly but surely the facilities at the camp are getting upgraded.  Boys and girls washrooms (with sit down toilets!) are being prepared on the main floor of the shower building.  Plumbing is in, floor are tiled and the next step is installing toilets, sinks, finishing the walls etc.

Project: $ 2,500

Donate to these projects by downloading this form and mailing it to SEND International or donate online at  www.send.org/sumy-grace-camp

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