# 135 August 2013 News & Notes

# 135 August 2013 Paetkau News & Notes “That looks a lot like our Sumy regional pastor’s daughter.  But why would she be here in Odessa at the conference center?” One of the questions that we found an answer to while on holidays after our SEND Ukraine Area Conference in Odessa.  More on that story […]

# 134 2013 Summer Ministries Overview

It has been a great summer! Summer ministries take place in a variety of places and times and formats over the summer in the Sumy Oblast (province/state).  The challenge they all face is how to communicate God’s Word and God’s truth through the entire program.   From the chapel time to playing soccer, every event is […]

#133 Moving day

June 17, 2013 – Moving Day Well, we have been moving in bits and pieces for the past three months.  When we needed to be in Kiev for meetings or other reasons, we would take a load of items in and get them unpacked.  On June 17th we did the big move – everything but […]