2014 05 Sumy Grace Summer Ministries update

2014 05 Sumy Grace Summer Ministries Update

Hi Everyone,

The summer ministries here have been a bit of a discussion piece for the past few months which is very understandable.  The situation facing the nation and other factors were making the summer look very questionable.  Despite this, for a few months the Sumy ministry team has been putting together the pieces, preparing tentatively in faith that these ministries would take place.  Mid April the decision was made to move forward concretely – planning as all will happen as scheduled so that they are prepared if God gives the opportunity.

Here is Pastor Misha sharing about the plans for this summer in Sumy.


Here is the planned schedule:

June 23 – 29: Special Needs Camp: a ministry to kids and their parents/caregivers

June 30 – July 9: Kids Camp: for kids ages 7-12

July 10 – 19: Teen Camp: for teens ages 13-17

July 21 – 27: English Camp: for teens ages 13-17

Aug 1 – 3: Sumy Grace Church Family Camp

Late August: Evening in the neighbourhood – this is a new idea, still being developed.  Basically doing something to reach out to the family unit over three evenings – something for parents, kids, together etc

Summer Project – Special Needs Camp

One camp that is completely funded through donations is the Special Needs Camp.  Sumy Grace Church has had a ministry to families with special needs individuals for the past few years with monthly meetings and special events, and have already had three years of camps.  The families do not have the same support system that we have in the west,1307 GC Invalid camp_0029 and most are struggling financially, barely making ends meet.  This camp is an opportunity for the individual and his parents/caregiver to spend some time outdoors and enjoying God’s creation.  The church runs a great program for the camp which ministers to everyone who comes – physically, spiritually and mentally.   As part of the ministry, the cost of the week of camp is covered by donated funds.  Please consider taking part in this project.  $5000 is needed for this camp to take place.  This covers the cost of food, transportation, utilities, activities etc for those who attend.

Here is a link to a 2013 summer ministries photo page.  Click on the tab for 2013 special needs1307 GC Invalid camp_0878 camp to see a few photos from last years summer camp.

If you would like to partner with this project, please donate online at www.send.org or download this form and mail your donation in to the address provided on the form.

A few prayer items:

Pray for the situation here in the country of Ukraine, that it remains stable enough for these ministries to take place.

Pray that God would surround these ministries with His hand and protect them from those who would not want to see them take place

Pray for all of the organizational details, that God would give wisdom to those who are planning the different ministries

Pray that God would grant favour to those organizing these ministries with the different gov’t and civic officials

Pray for those who are coming to be part of the ministry teams, that God would prepare them and work through them for His glory

Pray for those who will be coming to attend these ministries, that their hearts would be open and that they would grow closer to Christ through the ministries, beginning with where they are at and moving forward in their relationship with Him.  Many who come do not have any relationship with Christ, so this is the beginning.  For others, they know Christ and this is a part of their growing process.


If you have any questions, etc please feel free to contact me

Have a great day,




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