2014 10 Thanksgiving note

Happy belated Thanksgiving Everyone!

Usually, we tend to forget the day as we are in Ukraine and not many Canadians around….

This was a special one for us as, being back in Canada we were able to drive up north to Edmonton for the day and spend the afternoon with siblings and extended family.

In these last few days, I have been reflecting on what I am thankful for.


On a hill near Cochrane

I am thankful for my family – for Leanne, Lanae, Alicia & Daniel. Thankful for the gifts that they  are to me, that God has been so kind to me to give me these four people. They are precious to me.

I am thankful for God’s faithfulness. In the midst of difficult times, it is easy to forget that God promises to be faithful, and that He is working in and through situations for my best. Sometimes the verse in Romans 8:28 is used out of context and as a cliche`, but as I look back on the past while, I can testify that God is working out all things for our good, according to His purposes.

In the midst of these circumstances, I have also been learning a few lessons.

Trust: If I trust God with the macro, I need to trust Him with the micro. The macro: when I look at the issues that are so beyond my ability to do anything about – for example the war that is taking place in eastern Ukraine, I need to trust God with the details. I need to trust Him in the midst of the situations that seem to be out of control and from which the consequences are so dire for so many. The micro: my family, the situation and changes that we are experiencing. The next steps for our kids, and what the next few years will look like.

I need to trust God that He is working in and through these situations, and that His will, will be done, and it is good.

Patience: Everything is a process, and it takes time. When faced with a problem or a challenge, my desire is to fix it and deal with it now, and then move on to the next item.

Most problems and challenges aren’t like that, and I need to be patient and wait upon the Lord.

Anxiety: when I look at the situations around me, the macro and the micro, it is very easy to get anxious. But being anxious doesn’t do anything but hurt me and cause me to react in ways that don’t help the situation. There are many verses that speak to this topic. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us very directly what to do with our anxiety and I have been attempting to practice it.

These are a few things that have been perculating in my brain, and I wanted to share them with you.

We pray that God will give you all peace and a sense of His presence through these days.

Happy Thanksgiving
4 the 5 of us

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