# 141 News & Notes (2014 07)

  “Where are you from – if it isn’t a secret…” “Are you from the Baltics? I can tell from your accent…..” Ah, the joys of living overseas.  In Ukraine we look like the nationals – being of a slavic type nationality ourselves – but at times when we open our mouths it is obvious […]

2014 07 Sumy Grace Camp Kids camp

“How to ruin a sermon….” I was speaking at an evening chapel here at the kids week at Grace Camp. My theme was creation, and so I came up with this great idea that would help be a bridge and have some audience participation. I got four kids up there, ranging in ages from 8-11 […]

2014 06 Four little strays

Alicia: “Hi Dad. Now I know that you hate it when we do this, and you don’t like it when it happens… John: “What’s up? Are you ok?” Alicia: “Yes, I’m fine. I am out on my bike…” John: “Where are you at?” Alicia: “Down the road from the camp, about 2 km away.” John: […]