2015 02 Ukraine Work & Ministry team opportunity

I have the opportunity to lead a work and ministry team to Sumy, Ukraine this coming February 12-23. Yep, kind of short notice, but with all going on it came together pretty quickly.

The purpose of the trip is multi-fold:
– putting in a lot of man hours on at least one project at Sumy Grace Camp. The primary project is completing the ceiling of the second floor chapel. The roof is metal, and we need to put up the insulation and then the wood. This will make the chapel usable for more than 10 months of the year rather than the 5 months it can be used for now. It will hold the heat in during the cooler months and help keep the heat out in the summer months.
– putting in time working alongside members of the Sumy Grace Church and its ministries, encouraging them, and helping them to move forward on projects that have been put on hold because of the crisis and the difficult times that they are in now.
– being and encouragement to those that we serve with, and building into the lives of those who go.

I will also be teaching a two day session at Sumy Regional Bible College. The students will be joining us on site at the camp for the Friday and Saturday at the end of the ministry week.

Here is the basic itinerary:
Feb 12: Depart North America
Feb 13: Arrive in Kiev and travel out to Sumy
Feb 14-21: Ministry in Sumy
Feb 22: Return to Kiev
Feb 23: Fly back to North America

If you would be interested in joining the team please contact me (see below). If you would be interested in partnering financially, please use this form and check the box Approved project – for Ukraine short term trip. Each individual needs to raise funds towards their personal expenses (flights etc) and then for the project itself.  For the project itself the goal is to raise $3000, and funds that are not needed for the project will be used for the next project on the list.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Have a great day

Contact me via email at our personal address (if you have it) or  webcontact (put the @ sign here) thepaetkaus.net

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