A quick explanation of our ministry role in Canada

Here is an overview of what we do as we serve here in Canada.  John’s primary role is as a missions facilitator and mobilizer here in Canada.  Leanne serves in a variety of background roles.  One is serving part time with the  SEND Canada personnel team in member care, another is helping John where she can and others also.  Long term, we do desire to go back overseas to serve, but in the meantime we are here and ask God to use our gifts and abilities as best possible.

John is part of the SEND Canada ministry team, serving as a missions facilitator in western Canada.  SEND Canada and TEAM International are partnering in this area of missions facilitation, and so he is also a representative for TEAM in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Leanne is part of the SEND Canada Personnel team, serving in variety of ways from our home in western Canada.

What does that mean?  In a nutshell, we are helping people, churches and organizations  follow God’s calling in the area of  ministering cross culturally, be that across the world or across the street.

151016 John Millar Sunnybrae chapel_4What does that entail?

Part One

John – Connecting with people who contact the mission regarding ministry, missions opportunities.  This can be in person, on skype or telephone, or by email.  This is a process which takes time.  As John interacts with people who are seeking God’s direction for ministry in missions, there are a few different paths that can be taken.

  • continued discussion and interaction
  • possibly moving forward in the process with SEND.  If so, he continues to be part of the process, along with others in SEND Canada.
  • possibly moving forward in the process with TEAM.  If so, he passes the individual on to a TEAM rep who continues with them through their process
  • possibly referring them to another missions agency.  If so, he tries to give as much information as he can that will
    help them connect with that agency151023 John PRBI missions conference_09a

John – Connecting with various schools in western Canada (in Saskatchewan, Alberta & BC) and their students

John – Connecting with churches and pastors that are connected to SEND and its ministries in various ways

Leanne – Connecting with SEND Canada missionaries  around the world thru various means including editing the internal quarterly newsletter for SEND members

Leanne – Connecting with SEND Canada MK’s (missionary kids) around the world thru various means

Leanne – Helping with the facilitation of applicants when possible.

Leanne – Helping John in his role as mobilizer when applicable


Part Two

  • We are part of various ministry projects that are part of the the broader ministries of SEND
  • We have continuing relationships and ministries that include our Ukrainian co-workers back in Ukraine
  • We help to tell the stories of what God is doing in lives and ministries around the world by working with missionaries on the field


Part Three

  • We are facilitating the transition of our kids during this stage that God has in. The kids have grown up in a different culture (especially Lanae and Alicia) and are in process of transitioning into their next stage of schooling and into a new culture.
  • We are connecting with our supporters and supporting churches here in North America