Prepping for summer camp…..

So, every spring there are a few old trees around the camp that need to be cut down.  At times this is simple, at other times, due to power lines and buildings, not simple.  Last Saturday Alicia & I were out at the camp with some others, working on various projects.  It was close to the end of the day, and one of the fellows found me and said, “John, I need your help before we leave.”  He was carrying the chain saw.  Hmmm.   Earlier, he and I had looked at two trees that were very dead and needing to come down.  But due to wires etc, we thought that we would leave them until we had more help and ropes etc.  So, I was slightly curious and nervous regarding what he needed help with.

So we go down to where those two trees were standing.  He tells me, “stand over there and yell if the tree starts to fall the wrong way.  It shouldn’ttree but just in case, as I won’t be able to tell right away which way it will be going.”

Lots of fun….. and still lots of work to do.  And we need people around the world to partner with us in prayer and finances.  We are looking forward to 4 camps this summer:

– English Camp (we are expecting around 50 teens between ages 13 & 17 at this camp)

– Kids Camp (we are expecting between 80-100 children between ages 7 & 12 at this camp)

– Teen Camp (we are expecting between 80-100 teens between ages 13 & 17 at this camp)

– Camp for disabled children & their caregivers (we are expecting 40-50 children & 40-50 caregivers at this camp)

We need prayer: there are a lots of challenges in putting together these kinds of ministries

Please pray for: 

– the leadership: that God would be preparing their hearts to minister to the campers through their time spent together at the camp, through the relationships that will be built, through the program and the activities…

– the campers: that God would be preparing their hearts to to be impacted by what they experience and hear; that they would grow closer to Christ through their time at camp

– for finances: there are a number of campers coming who will be coming that will be fully sponsored by the camp.  At both the kids and teen camps, there will be a number of campers from one of the orphanages in the region.  The camp for the disabled children is 90% sponsored, as the families do not have the support systems here as they do in the west, and their financial situations are very difficult.  This camp is a huge blessing to them, and we desire to have the maximum amount of participants possible, but we need to raise the funds from here in Ukraine and from the west to make that happen.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

Please consider standing with the summer ministries financially:

We have three areas of ministry needing funds this summer:

– disabled childrens camp ($ 5000)

– sponsoring orphanage kids & low income family kids ($ 2500)

– camp renovations and upkeep ($ 2500)

Every contribution helps. If 50 people give $200, we will meet the project.  If 100 people give $100, we will meet the project.  If 200 people give $50, we will meet the project.  As they say, many hands make the work light.  Please pray and ask God what part He would have you take in this ministry.

Click on this link for more information on the projects

Donate to these projects by downloading this form and mailing it to SEND International or donate online at

Thank you for partnering with the churches here in these ministries

If you have any questions etc, please feel free to contact me

Have a great day,


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