Toledo, Spain – swords and more swords….

The city of Toledo, Spain has been known for centuries for its steel and sword makers. When swords were the primary weapon, Toledo was the place that you wanted your weapon to be from.

We had the opportunity to spend time in the small shop of a man who still makes them by hand. Beautiful craftsmanship with examples from all the ages. If you want a broadsword that was used by the knights, he has made it and has it on display. Or the swords used during the time of Louis XIV in France, he has those too, along with those that the Roman Legionnaires used and those that…… It was fascinating. He is the last one who does these by hand in the city. The shop has been in his family for over 150 years and has quite the legacy.

An example of craftsmanship in progress.  The finished products are beautiful.

For those of you Lord of the Rings fans, he is the individual who made all of the prototypes of the swords and daggers for the movies. After he created them by hand, they would be then mass produced for the movie.

If you ever get the chance to go to Toledo, Spain, I would recommend tracking down the shop for a visit. After having spent time there, we (Leanne, Daniel & I) wandered over to another shop (this is the tourist place) which had replicas of every sword and armor imaginable. Another hour of fascinating history and explanation of what was used in which historical period and by whom and where, along with replicas from the swords and daggers from all the famous movies.

A store that every boy would love….


A few swords from Lord of the Rings….

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