#152 News & Notes June 2016

Only 19 days till…..

John & Daniel, along with Anneke, Emily, Logan & Wayne will be getting on the plane to fly to Ukraine.  Early in the morning of June 30 we depart, arriving in Ukraine July 1.

Praise the Lord for how He has worked out so many details in such a short time.  The ministry there continues to evolve – as per the usual, and so we are going with flexible hearts and expectations.

The team will be coming alongside the church there in serving at the teen camp.  Our ministry has two parts:

English – using our English ability as part of the ministry (this is a teen camp, and English language practice and learning is one of the ministry tools)

Come alongside – each of us is going to be involved in various ways in the different ministries.  Some will be involved directly in the sports and chapel ministries.  Some will be involved in work projects around the camp.  John has been asked to come alongside the leadership team.  This is what we know of at the time of this writing…

For Daniel & John, it will be a return to familiar places; yet it will also be challenging and new as it has been two years since Daniel has been in Ukraine, and over a year for John.

For Wayne, it will be a familiar place but in a new context.  Wayne has been on two work teams over the years at Grace Camp, but always in the winter.  He has always wanted to come in the summer, to see the camp ministry on site, and so he will be serving on work projects, but in a new context (and in a lot warmer context!)

For Logan, Anneke & Emily, it will all be new and challenging for this is their first time in Ukraine.

For all of us, we are looking to God to work in us and through us, to be a blessing to the believers there and to be part of what God is doing there during this time.


A few praise and prayer items for the team:

Praise the Lord 
– for the details that have come together
– for the finances that have been raised for this ministry in such a short time
– for the opportunity to be a part of a very impactful ministry in a needy corner of the world

Pray for:
– those who are still putting together the details for the ministry.  Camp ministry in Ukraine is always a bit of plan what you can, but be flexible as things are always changing.  Pray for the leadership on site as they are all volunteers and are facing numerous challenges.

– our team and our ability to adapt and serve.  Ministry is always a challenge, but add in the cross cultural portion and it becomes a whole new game.  Pray that God will give us wisdom, peace, patience and joy as we serve in whatever capacities He calls us into.

– For Daniel:  these past two years have been years of change for him.  He is looking forward to going back to Ukraine with some joy and some trepidition.  He is feeling awkward, and a bit concerned.  Please pray that God will give him peace, courage and that his time in Ukraine would be an encouragement to him.

– John & Daniel still have a portion of their funds to raise.  We are so thankful for how God has already provided the majority of what was needed.   This for us was a big step of faith, and we are so thankful for all who have partnered with us in this opportunity.


Ministry Update

In May we had the joy of hosting John’s SEND Canada colleagues who serve in the mobilization department across Canada.  Five of the six members came together here in Cochrane for 4 days of meetings.  The sixth member (who had just moved that weekend) connected via Skype, and multiple meetings were held with other SEND missionaries via Skype also.

The ministry of missions, how people get involved and serve in cross cultural contexts is changing and SEND is seeking God’s wisdom in how to go forward.  The mobilization team spent a lot of time working through their specific area of ministry and details for the coming year.


Spring has sprung, and the dandelions are looking pretty – not that the neighbours think that way……daniel friends

Daniel is looking forward to wrapping up school and heading to Ukraine for July.  He had a birthday – turned 15 and to celebrate, we measured him and he is now 6’4!

Alicia returned from her time in Germany at the Torchbearers Capernwray Bible School in Bodenseehof.  Great experience, great learning and great memories.  She will send out an update sometime in the near future.  Lord willing, she is hoping to study at Moody Bible Institute (Spokane campus) in the fall.  At present she is living at home and working locally.

Lanae is continuing to live and work in the Salmon Arm area.  She has picked up a new hobby this spring – volunteer firefighting for one of the small communities near Salmon Arm.  Definitely challenging.  She recently completed her training and is now an official volunteer firefighter.

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