2014 01 Sumy Grace Camp Winter Teen Camp

Winter camps are usually best held when there is a lot of snow.  But since we can’t control the weather, the plans are made and we take what we get.  The Winter youth camp held at Sumy Grace Camp in early January was no exception.  Snow, rain, mud – all were part of the experience for the 36 campers and the leadership.

Sumy 2014 God, Bible, Me

Sumy 2014
God, Bible, Me

Since this is the year for the Winter Olympics across the border in Sochi, Russia,the planning committee used that as the theme this year.   Country teams, different events, costumes etc. They even had a torch lighting ceremony!

Along with the great activities that had been planned, the youth also spent time digging into and being challenged by God’s Word.  Taking time to see what God’s Word said about different areas of life and topics that were on their hearts.

On Jan 7 (Orthodox Christmas) we split into three groups and spent the afternoon caroling in the nearby villages.  This is a tradition where young people go caroling and after singing receive a gift from those they sang for.  The teens changed the tradition – rather than receive a gift, they gave gifts.  As one of the activities the youth had made home-made Christmas cards and small items of that nature, and gave those away to anyone who would open their door in response to their serenading.

Since the weather was warmer, events outside took on a more “summer like” atmosphere.  One of the activities was field hockey.  Definitely didn’t expect to see that in January….

There are more photos posted here.

Praise the Lord for how He is working in young hearts and lives in northeastern Ukraine.


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