A brief update….

March 3, 2014

Hi Everyone,
Just a brief update from over here during these very challenging times.  This past week the country of Ukraine has come through one huge crisis to only face an new crisis which has broader ramifications.  The issues are complex and the solutions will need wisdom and discernment.  These next few hours and days are crucial for the future direction of the country.

Please join with the believers here in prayer for their nation.  Please pray for peace, and peaceful solutions to the issues that the country is facing.

For us personally, we are in the situation of prepared to leave if necessary.  We are very thankful for the leadership here on the field who are working very hard on what the team needs to do and when.  Please pray that they would have wisdom in the decisions that they will need to make in the coming hours and days.  If we do need to leave,  as a team we have a location in Europe prepared for us to go to.  In the meantime, there is life and ministry which is going on – somethings have been modified, some have been cancelled and some postponed.  Pray for wisdom for us too, in these decisions that need to be made.

For those who are interested, Eric, our area director has written a great article regarding the reaction of the evangelical church here in Kyiv (click here for the article) during the crisis that took place in the center of the city over the past few months.  There was also an article in Christianity Today discussing the choice of the interim president who is a Baptist pastor, and a call to prayer by one of the leaders of the Baptist Union.

Our hearts are torn by what is taking place here, and we know that ultimately it is all in God’s hands.  So we wait on Him, trusting that He will work through this time.

We will keep you updated with our status if and when things change.

Thank you for standing with us, and with the people here during this time.

John, Leanne, Alicia, Daniel (in Ukraine) and Lanae (in Germany)


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