Banya Season has begun

Oct 31, 2012

1210 ze Sumy Banya_13

Cooking shashleek







The dreaded day has arrived.   I drive to the church in trepidation, preparing myself mentally for the ordeal before me.  I meet the other fellows, and soon a caravan of vehicles leaves the city and goes out to the forest where the object of my torture awaits.  17 men will gather to partake in this cultural ritual of food and fellowship, in a superheated atmosphere which is supposed to be “healthy”.  We drive to one of the local resorts where they have rented the “banya”.

Sitting in a steam room with temperatures upwards of 90 degree C is not my idea of healthy.  But, like a lamb to the slaughter I follow.  Thankfully, there won’t be any birch branches used tonight – that is the third portion of the ritual of “healthy”.  The second portion is after having sat in the before mentioned oven, an individual is to experience the joy of shock therapy.  That being taking your tenderized flesh from a slightly moist 90 degree C environment to an environment which is on the other end of the spectrum.  For some, if possible that means a

1210 ze Sumy Banya_15

Misha & John anticipating the shashleek

roll in the snow.   Thankfully, for us tonight it won’t be snow, but a cool water pool.  At that moment, it doesn’t really matter – it has the same affect of shock to your pores and to your senses.

On the bright side, the rest of the time was great.  The fellows prepared a feast with shashleek (Ukrainian shish-ka-bob), vegies, bread, and other tempting morsels.  When we put all of the food out, I was a little overwhelmed.  But I forgot a very important detail – the majority of the fellows were college age/mid 20’s.  Thus all of that food disappeared in approx 45 seconds.

Lots of fun.



1210 ze Sumy Banya_46

the “cool” pool








1210 ze Sumy Banya_52

Enjoying the food

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3 thoughts on “Banya Season has begun

  1. Sounds like your banya should have been a perfect day for you to get all the kinks out of your strained and stressed body!! We always enjoyed the Halcyon Hot Springs in BC about 68 km south of Revelstoke and near the small town of Nakusp. There were 3 pools – 1 hot, one really hot and then the polar pool, which you would be able to identify with. It’s such a treat for us to now be able to enjoy the beautiful Manitou Mineral Springs in nearby Watrous which is only a short drive from Saskatoon. It’s always great to receive your emails and we pray that all your involvements there will be greatly blessed of the Lord. Blessings J & R

    • thanks for the note. there is a truth to getting the kinks out and your pores cleaned out through the cold hot process. I just never understand how the guys here can handle the heat! take care.